Maui Wildfire Relief


Donate to Wildfire Relief

Starting in early August, wildfires have blazed in Maui, Hawaii. Aside from thousands of acres being burned, historic landmarks and towns, like Lahaina, have been completely lost to the blaze. Residents have been displaced, and the number of those who passed or are missing due to the fire climbs higher everyday.

In Northern California, we can sympathize with the devastating effects of wildfires. They are unpredictable and fast-moving, and rebuilding all that was lost is a daunting task. Community First Credit Union wants to encourage our members and communities to donate to help provide relief to Maui. The National Credit Union Foundation is encouraging all credit unions to donate to CUAid so they can offer relief funds to those affected. As a credit union, our network is not limited to our charter or where our members live. Let’s all practice the credit union way of ‘people helping people’.



Here are some other places you can find information and donate to:

·        Hawaii Community Foundation

·        Maui United Way

·        American Red Cross

·        Maui Food Bank


There are of course many more resources needed and charities that need aid. If you would like to donate to another charity, please make sure to verify the legitimacy of the charity. Unfortunately, scammers see times of disaster or crisis as opportunities to take advantage of those wanting to do good. You can verify organizations here.


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