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Community First, since 1959, has been DOING GOOD!

We do that through:

  • Providing LOCAL people with the useful financial products, services, and education they need to convert their hopes and dreams into reality
  • Engaging students in financial literacy and providing products that incentivize good financial habits
  • Strengthening LOCAL communities through our products, services, business practices, and financial + sweat-equity help of LOCAL non-profits
  • Vigilantly maintain a happy, respectful, and rewarding work environment for the co-op's employees.

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Better for you –– get more value. 

Better for where you live. Locally earned dollars are reinvested 100% LOCALLY - more than $2 billion since 1959!

Community First Credit Union is ... Here for Good!




Eleven LOCAL branches to conveniently serve you. And with the kind of personal service banks gave up long ago as unprofitable. The one and only reason we're here? To serve Members!

Branches in Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma (and now Marin) counties.

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Twice as many free ATMs nationally as any of the too-big-to-fail banks.

How's that possible? Financial cooperatives cooperate. Use your CFCU atm/debit/rewards card across the U.S.A. – FREE. 34,600 ATMs in all!

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