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Welcome to Community First, the new local.

Your Local Northern California Credit Union
Here for Good

The new local brings together the cozy familiarity and warm connectedness of the place you live and work with all the ultra-modern conveniences you expect. We’re like Cheers…for your money. And since we’re a not-for-profit cooperative, your dollars STAY LOCAL— supporting your neighbors and the local economy, not Wall Street.

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We have 11 branches staffed by friendly CFCU'ers. Plus, we were named one of "The Best Places To Work" by North Bay Business Journal! The e-conveniences we pioneered set us apart as the top locally based bank or CU. With us you can enjoy contactless cards, digital chat, smartphone app, and complete Spanish language site.

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News and Articles

Shred Days Are Back

Looking to safely and easily dispose of your personal documents? Come to a Community First Shred Day! Click to find out when.

Savings and Investments

Individual Retirement Accounts

There can be a lot to consider when planning for retirement. Learn how to choose which account is right for you!

Savings and Investments

Money Market Accounts

Our financial wellness partner Banzai reviews the benefits and limitations of money markets. Learn more today and open an account!

Savings and Investments

Certificates of Deposit

New to certificates? Explore how this easy investment has guaranteed returns, and flexible terms. Learn more now!


Auto Insurance

CFCU and our financial wellness partner review the importance of insurance not only for your car, but for you! Click to learn more.

How Does Refinancing Work?

Essentially, refinancing replaces an old loan with a new one with terms that are better for your situation. But it’s not all fanfare and applause—there are tradeoffs associated with refinancing.


How to Increase Your Gas Mileage

CFCU and our financial wellness partner review 8 ways to make the most out of every gallon.


Managing Debt

Going into debt can be a slippery slope. CFCU and Banzai review key strategies to make sure you debt is manageable.


Using Credit

While credit is a useful tool, it's important to understand not only the type of credit you're using, but how it may affect your financial wellness down the road. Click to learn more.


Building and Repairing Credit

Find out exactly what criteria determine your credit score and use Banzai's credit score-reparing "coach" to find out how to build back up your credit. Click to learn more!


Savings Accounts

A savings account can help you reach a variety of financial goals. Click to explore the most common types of savings available to you at CFCU.


Account Insurance

With all the ups and downs in the financial world, it can be scary to leave your funds in a credit union. Click to learn more about how we keep your money safe.


How To Teach Your Children about Money

It's never to early (or too late), to start learning about finances. Click to learn how to introduce financial topics to the children in your life.


Affording College

Paying for college can be intimidating. Find out how to determine what you'll need to budget for and how much you might need to spend.

Savings and Investments

Building a Diverse Portfolio

Going all-in on one investment is not the way to reach your financial goals. Click to learn which products you should consider to bolster your savings!


Getting a Car

Find out whether buying new, buying used, or leasing a car is the right choice for you. Click to learn more!


Starting Your Business

If you're just starting out, or looking to expand, funding your business takes preparation and planning. Click to learn more about the basics of business funding!


Hiring for your Business

To create a strong team for your business, incentives and clear job expectations can help! Click to learn what to consider when hiring.

Savings and Investments

Retirement Savings Withdrawals

You may be faced with a situation where you need to draw from your retirement savings. It's important to know what penalties you may face before you do!

Maui Wildfire Relief

Community First has started a drive to help the National Credit Union Foundation to raise funds to help Maui. Click to check out more places to donate.

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