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We're here for good... and growing!

Our merger with Mendo Lake Credit Union has been finalized! We’re excited about this transition - together, MLCU and CFCU form the “NEW CFCU”! We now have more than 50,000 Members and nearly $460 million in assets. This growth ensures sustainability with a capital "S", and allows us to remain the LOCAL alternative to big Wall Street banks. Your LOCAL not-for-profit financial cooperative not only gets you more bang for your bucks, those more bucks will continue to stay in your community!



Better for you. Be greedy - it's YOUR money! Get more, and with fewer or no fees. 

Better for where you live. Locally earned dollars are reinvested 100% LOCALLY - more than $1 billion since 1961!

Community First Credit Union - Here for Good!


Ten LOCAL branches to conveniently serve you. And with the kind of personal service banks gave up long ago as unprofitable. The one and only reason we're here? To serve Members!

Branches in Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties.

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Twice as many free ATMs nationally than even the biggest too-big-fail bank.

How's that possible? Financial cooperatives cooperate. Use your CFCU atm/debit/rewards card across the U.S.A. – FREE. Nearly 30,000 ATMs in all!

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