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Logging into Digital Banking using an Authenticator App


Logging into Digital Banking Using Google Authenticator

As of February 5th, we are no longer sending verification codes to email addresses. These verification codes are used when logging in on a new device, linking external accounts, updating contact information, and other functions in digital banking.

Email is easily compromised by fraudsters and CFCU wants to ensure the highest level of security for your accounts.

In our previous article about setting up Two Factor Authentication, we reviewed how to ensure you have a valid and current phone number in your account so you can receive verification codes via text or call. In this article, we will go over a third option to receive your verification codes. This is by using what is called an “Authenticator” App.

Please note, you will need both your mobile device and your desktop computer to set up an Authenticator App for use with CFCU Digital Banking.

What is an Authenticator App?

An authenticator app is something that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet that allows you to securely verify your identity when logging into other platforms like, in this case, Digital Banking. Once set up with your account, your authenticator app will provide a time sensitive, one-time verification code for you to use to complete the login process. This adds an extra level of security to your account; even if your password is compromised, bad actors will not be able to login. Authenticator apps are even considered a more secure method of receiving your verification codes than text messages! They are typically free to use and can give you the peace of mind you need when protecting your account.

Authenticator Apps to Use

The Authenticator Apps we suggest using are:

Google Authenticator (recommended)

apple app store icon google play icon


apple app store icon google play icon


apple app store icon google play icon

You will need to download an Authenticator App before you continue with the steps below.

Setting Up Your Authenticator App With Digital Banking

Navigate to "Settings" in Digital Banking and go to the "Security Tab"

  1. Download your chosen Authenticator app to your mobile device or tablet.

        2. In the "Two Factor Authentication" section, you will see a row labeled "2FA App", as seen in the screenshot below.

screenshot of digital banking settings and security section

        3. Click on the pencil icon to edit the section. You will see the screen below appear.

screenshot of digital banking in the 2FA App section before it is turned on

        4. Select "Enroll". A QR code like below will appear. Using your chosen authenticator app, scan the QR code or enter in the code manually to your app. Please note that you should not use your normal phone camera when scanning the QR code, but should go into the Authenticator app first before scanning.

screenshot of digital banking showing example QR code to scan when setting up 2fa

          5. Once you have scanned the QR code, or entered in the code manually in your authenticator app, follow the instructions within the app to finish setting up the authenticator. Once done, the screen should change to below. You will then have the option to check if you would like this to be your preferred method of verification.

screenshot of digital banking in 2fa app section when it has been enabled

        6. Make sure to hit "done" and ensure the toggle in the 2FA App section is set to "on".

Using your Authenticator App to Login

You will use your Authenticator App whenever you are requested to provide a verification code in Digital Banking.

         1. Select the "Authenticator" option to provide the verification code, as seen in the screenshot below.

screenshot of digital banking login, showing 3 different methods users can verify their identity

         2. Once you are prompted to enter in the verification code, open your Authenticator App and receive the code.

         3. Enter in the code from the Authenticator App into Digital Banking to login. Please note that these codes are time sensitive. Many will show you whether or not the codes are close to expiring via a timer. If your code does not work, there is a good chance it has already expired and you should retrieve the most recent code from the app.

screenshot of digital banking login where the user has typed in their verification code from their 2fa app


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