BEST spending card ever? Yes!

We Pay You. Plus You Get Additional Discounts. That's DOUBLE Rewards!

With our signature Local Advantage PLUS checking account you get the added power of SaversEdge®. It pays 5% on the rounded-up portion of every purchase you make. That adds up. Plus, in today's near-zero-rate deposit environment, this is among the most generous benefits anywhere.

Here's how it works: You buy an item for $3.53. The purchase gets rounded up to $4 (which makes it soooo easy to balance your checkbook). That rounded up money (47¢) transfers from your checking to your savings account. Then we overlay it with a 5% bump. Sweet, eh?

In addition to making money when you use your debit/atm/spending card, you also get exclusive rewards and discounts!

That's because we load GO LOCAL Rewards right on your card. Automatically. The privileges of Membership at this financial cooperative get you rewards at scores of local merchants. We're the only bank or credit union with this benefit.

  • When making a purchase, by merely using your CFCU debit card at a Go Local merchant with electronic rewards, you will be automatically entered into the Rewards program. We upload that database to Go Local each week.
  • After that one-week upload period, you can then enjoy Go Local discounts and rewards. Here's how it works: a Go Local e-Merchant swipes your SaversEdge® card as a Rewards card, and again as a debit card for your purchase. It's that easy!  
  • To learn more about how the Go Local Rewards Card works, go to: Go Local Rewards
  • To see how many locally owned businesses participate (more are added each week) and what immediate discounts/rebates they provide, go to: Participating Local Businesses
  • If you already have an active Go Local Rewards card, you will need to merge it with your Community First debit card. Complete a simple online form to merger the two accounts here: Merge (only if you already have a Go Local card)
  • Go Local registration is not necessary. By using you existing Community First debit card you automatically get discounts and can track those cost-saving results at: Track your discounts/rewards

It is the only card you need for purchases!

Bank Local. Save Everywhere!

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