eStatements are safe, secure, swift... and FREE!

Mailed Statements cost your financial cooperative nearly $200,000 a year! We could add five ATMs, or build another branch EACH YEAR, for the amount spent on mailed statements.

Safer - Mailboxes aren’t safe, 128-bit encryption is. Paper statements and checks are used in 85% of identity thefts.

Swifter - With cutbacks to mail distribution facilities, eStatements get to you up to a week sooner!

Easier Access - All your statements are archived, and accessible 24/7 from anywhere!

Save Money - Eliminates a $2 monthly fee for you, (Members 62 years or older are exempt from fee) and allows your financial cooperative to add more services, conveniences and locations for Members!

Want to sign up? It's easy.  Just talk to any of our Member Service Representatives at your favorite branch or call us today!