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Agriculture Loans for Local Youth

AG is sustainable. It's healthy. It's the local roots of Sonoma & Napa counties.

Future farmers, AG-track students and 4-H kids gotta start somewhere. Typically, it's by raising a farm animal to show/sell at one of our county fairs. There are upfront costs, of course: the animal, the space, the feed, and more. 

Wouldn't it be helpful to offer a zero-interest loan to fulfill that learning experience? To make a lesson in economics and animal care a real world experience?

Enter the Local Ag-Biz Loan from Community First. Borrow from $100 to $2,500 per season –– interest free!

We work with young future farmers to understand their goals, create a business plan, and fine-tune their realistic costs. Then those farmers-to-be are equipped with a checking account with debit card access to purchase their animal and supplies. They keep records, receipts, and watch their investment grow –– literally. In the end, they make money, and have learned the tenants of business. Sustainably sweet!

Not only will 4-H and FFA students learn how to borrow money and spend it responsibly, but once they pay back their loan they start earning a credit score before they turn 18! This will provide a huge advantage when it comes time to getting their first credit card, buying their first car, or simply getting the job they want.

To get started, or to find out more, contact our Member Development Specialist (and farm girl herself):

  • Rebecca Nystrom Brito
  • 707/543-2654, direct line

And to get started on your zero-interest agriculture loan click here.

 Let's start growing something beautiful!

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