Youth Agriculture

  0% (APR) AG Loans. Up to $2,500!

Future farmers, AG-track students and 4-H kids gotta start somewhere. Typically, it's by raising a farm animal to show/sell at a county fair. There are costs: the critter, the space, the feed …  Enter the LOCAL  Ag Loan from Community First!

We work with young future farmers to understand their goals and create a business plan. Then those farmers-to-be are equipped with debit card access to purchase their animal and supplies. They keep records, receipts, and watch their investment grow – literally.  In the end, they make money, and have learned the tenants of business. Sustainably satisfying!

  • Borrow from $100 to $2,500 per season
  • 0% (APR)
  • Interest free, fee free!

Get started, or to find out more contact our Member Development Specialist (and farm girl herself) Rebecca Nystrom-Brito (, 707/543-2654)

Need a new card? Get one. Today.

Community First offers instant-issue debit/atm cards, and you can beautify and personalize your card with one of ten iconic LOCAL images!  Read more...