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We offer three convenient options with our LOCAL Visa® cards: 1) REWARDS for maximum rewards, 2) TRADITIONAL for lowest rate, 3) SHARE SECURE for building or repairing credit.
  • Visa® Signature Rewards

  • Visa® Traditional

  • Visa® Share Secured

  • Community First Visa® App

Credit Card Type  Annual Percentage Rate (APR)  APR for Balance Transfers APR for Cash Advances
VISA Traditional  10.99% to 18.99%  10.99% to 18.99%  10.99% to 18.99%
VISA Rewards  12.99% to 18.99%  12.99% to 18.99%  12.99% to 18.99%
VISA Share Secured 15.99% 15.99% 15.99%
 Rates effective as of October 3 2022

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