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Low rates for new, used or refinanced loans!

Save time. Save money. Your loan stays LOCAL! Now as low as 4.69% (APR)!

Here’s the beauty of banking at a financial cooperative: we cooperate with every new and used vehicle dealer in the Redwood Empire and North Coast.

Once you and the dealer have agreed to the best price for you, tell the dealer you’re a Member of Community First and want to finance your vehicle with us. It’s. That. Simple.

You can also apply online or visit us at any branch. Want to talk money-saving vehicle loans? Call us directly at: 707/546-6000, ext 8091, or email us at

Please note that we can only finance vehicles that are titled in California; no out-of-state purchases.

Interested in comparing vehicles on our unbiased auto-research site? You'll find out exactly what invoice, MSRP and options actually cost. Knowledge is POWER! Let's get started -  browse local inventories by make, model, year, price, etc.

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New & Used Auto Loan Rates (at dealer or branch)

Current Rate Sample

New Auto Loan Rate

Credit Score






















24 to 60 months  4.69%  5.49% 6.19% 7.04% 10.94% 10.94% 12.54%
61 to 72 months  4.94% 5.79% 6.49% 7.34% 11.24% 11.24% 12.84%
73 to 84 months  5.49% 6.44% 7.19% 8.89% 11.54% 11.54% 13.14%
For Used Auto Rates, Add .25%

Effective November 23 2022

Loan-to-Value varies by tier.

Added adjustments for high-mileage, or 10+ year-old vehicles:

  • Mileage over 100K, add 1%
  • Vehicle more than 10 yrs., add 1%

Financed Values determined by: NEW from MSRP; USED from Kelly Blue Book® retail.

*All loan rates expressed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Actual APR is determined by individual credit rating and ability to pay.

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