Checking & Savings

Home of the amazing Local Advantage PLUS account. The most innovative checking/spending/savings account found anywhere! 

Our signature account, Local Advantage PLUS, is like no other. It lets you earn money three ways: 

  • EARN 5¢ for each debit use after 12 in a month
  • EARN 5% on the rounded-up portion of every purchase you make
  • EARN .05% (APY) on your entire balance

Local Advantage PLUS has other pluses, too:

  • SAVE with automatic GO LOCAL rewards at scores of locally owned businesses.
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • FREE debit/atm/spending card each year with your choice of local imagery
  • FREE initial box of special issue "Bank Local" watermark checks

Enjoy all these benefits –– for free –– as long as you use your debit card 12 times a month (average only three purchases a week –– how easy is that?), otherwise you will incur a $5 fee for that given month. But, regardless, you will always continue to earn .05% (APY) on your account's balance and a 5% bump on the rounded-up portion of all purchases!

Other Checking Options 

Local Advantage

  • You can't earn, earn, earn like you do with the PLUS account above, but you still get GO LOCAL rewards in this free monthly account.
  • As with all our checking accounts, your debit/atm/spending card will connect you for FREE at more than 30,000 ATMs –– the largest national network of ATMs in the U.S.!
Local iChecking
  • You earn the same as you would with our Local Advantage PLUS account: .05% (APY). But unlike Local Advantage PLUS, you need to maintain a minimum balance of $1,000.
Local Trade (business) Checking
  • Need a separate account for your business? Are you a sole proprietorship? Want to stand out as a LOCAL business? Then this is your account.
Local Non-Profit
  • You're helping the community. Then Community First wants to help you. We have designed a very accommodating account that let's you concentrate on the bigger task at hand –– making our community a better place!

Fee Schedule

It’s YOUR money. Save more of it.

Saving up money. For today, or tomorrow. It's the single most common reason for becoming a Member of Community First. And it continues to be the best reason.

Why? Because you get better rates than at the banks. We’re a not-for-profit, which means we return profits to YOU, and not to stockholders or to executives for perks. Our Members get the highest deposit rates possible.

Community First has lots of savings programs because people are, well, different. They have different wants, and needs and dreams. They might be at different life stages.

  • savings with no minimum balance
  • higher interest-earning savings with higher minimum balance levels
  • advantage money market and regular money market funds
  • business money market
  • interest-bearing checking accounts
  • special YouthSaver account

But one thing remains constant: all our Members want the best bang for their bucks. And because we are a community credit union based in Sonoma County –– we deliver!

Largest nat'l network of FREE ATMs — 30,000 — and over 7,200 shared-branch locations!

Visit a Community First Credit Union location, get directions or find our hours of operation.