Checking & Savings

It's better than FREE –– We PAY YOU to use it! 

Plus, it works just like a Go Local Rewards Card. You get discounts at scores of locally owned stores just by using your Community First SaversEdge® debit card! Go Local & Community First cards are the same ...

Every time you use your SaversEdge® enabled debit card from Community First, your purchase is automatically rounded to the next dollar amount.

  • The difference is transferred into your savings account.
  • Here’s the best part: Community First matches 100% of your rounded-up purchases for the first 90 days, and 5% thereafter. Any economist will tell you, “that is a great return, especially on a guaranteed investment.”
  • But wait, there's more: it works just like (because it IS) a Go Local Rewards Card! Get additional discounts from local retailers.

SaversEdge® is the most ridiculously easy savings program ever invented. Hyperbole? We think not!

And it’s available only at Community First!

Contact your favorite branch or our Call Center (707/546-6000) to get SaversEdge® today!

SaversEdge is simple and rewarding –– Learn more ...


Where free checking is actually FREE

You can still get so-called “free” checking elsewhere, but you better have $5,000 minimum daily balance AND automatic payroll deposit AND use your debit card at least six times a month AND …

Fall down on any of them, even for a nanosecond, and “free” gets very costly.

At Community First our free checking is actually free. No traps, strings, caveats or gotchas. It’s free. Period.

Let's get started with your FREE checking account! 

It’s YOUR money. Save more of it.

Saving up money. For today, or tomorrow. It's the single most common reason for becoming a Member of Community First. And it continues to be the best reason.

Why? Because you get better rates than at the banks. We’re a not-for-profit, which means we return profits to YOU, and not to stockholders or to executives for perks. Our Members get the highest deposit rates possible.

Community First has lots of savings programs because people are, well, different. They have different wants, and needs and dreams. They might be at different life stages.

  • savings with no minimum balance
  • higher interest-earning savings with higher minimum balance levels
  • advantage money market and regular money market funds
  • business money market
  • interest-bearing checking accounts
  • special YouthSaver account

But one thing remains constant: all our Members want the best bang for their bucks. And because we are a community credit union based in Sonoma County –– we deliver!

FREE access to 28,100 ATMs nationally (most in the biz) and 6,800 shared-branch locations!

Visit a Community First Credit Union location, get directions or find our hours of operation.