Online/Mobile Banking Improvements

We’re always amending, improving, smoothing out the Member experience on our online and mobile banking platforms.

On February 2, at 10a, we made the following changes to enhance CFCU's electronic banking: 

  1. Tax forms are now available to all Members via Online Banking ONLY. Mobile Banking (phone, tablet, mobile app, etc.) versions are forthcoming. 
  2. Online Banking now has a new menu option labeled “eStatements & Tax Forms (Current).”
  3. Online Banking updated the old label option to “eStatements & Tax Forms Prior to 2022).”

January 19 updates:

Some of these changes will include:

  1. Displaying the 4 ending card digits for debit card transactions
  2. Updating our Remote Deposit Capture layout to be consistent with other transfer screens
  3. Changing the format/unmasking our account numbers on the Member’s home screen (Example of new format: 0000012345 20)
  4. Updating verbiage ‘Show Account Numbers’ to ‘Show Direct Deposit Information’
  5. General bug fixes and improvements

As always, thank you for being part of our 60,000-Member-strong financial co-op.