Meet our new, inflation-adaptive, variable rate certificate!

 Currently 2.75% APY, set to rise to 3.50% APY on October 1st!

With ever changing interest rates, it can be hard to know the right place to invest your hard-earned funds.

How will I know what rates will do?

Should I wait to invest until rates go up?

With a variable certificate, you can confidently invest your funds knowing you'll be getting one of the best rates out there.

When the Federal Funds Rate goes up: yours does too!

What You Need To Know:

  • Currently 2.75% APY* (rising to 3.50% APY effective 10/1/2022!)

  • APY is variable and changes with the Federal Funds Rate

  • 12-month term

  • $1000 minimum deposit

  • Must be funded with new money not already on deposit with CFCU

See full terms and disclosures here!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a variable-rate certificate?

A variable-rate certificate carries a rate that changes with the market. Our current rate is 2.75% APY. Because it’s variable, the rate will change on the 1st calendar day of the month following any change to the Federal Funds rate. The FED raised interest rates by .75 in late September, so this certificate’s rate will raise from 2.75% APY to 3.50% APY on October 1! All the funds in the certificate at the time of the rate change will then start earning the new rate.

What is the Federal Funds Rate?

Basically, the Federal Funds Rate is the rate the government sets to control the amount of money in the economy. The Fed has been raising rates to try and bring down inflation in the economy. If the cost of borrowing money is higher, consumers will spend less, and inflation will go down (hopefully!).


Terms and Disclosures:

*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is current as of 09/14/2022, and subject to change without notice and may end at any time. This certificate must be funded with new money, defined as funds not already on deposit with CFCU. Minimum deposit $1,000. CFCU membership is required, including opening a Share Savings account of at least $25. Rate will update on the first calendar day of the month following any change to the Federal Funds Rate. Upon maturity, this certificate will automatically roll over to a standard 12-month term certificate unless you direct otherwise. All regular certificates can be opened as IRA certificates, unless noted. There is a penalty for early withdrawal. Cannot be combined with any other promotional rate offers, including the Do Gooder program. Share certificate funds are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.