Volunteer Leadership

One of the many great things that makes credit unions different than banks is the fact that we are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are Member-owned and Member-controlled. Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are made up of Members who volunteer their time and talents to serve and represent the interests of our Membership.

Each position is elected by our Members for a three-year term through a democratic vote at our Annual Meeting of the Membership.


Board of Directors

Name Position
Carolyn Welch Board Chair
Jason Scott Board Vice Chair
Brian Cochran Board Treasurer
Carel Van Den Heuvel Board Secretary
John C. Burke Board Member
Arlene Colombini Board Member
Tina Rivera Board Member
Robert Scott Board Member
Zhao (Cho) Qiu Associate Board Member

Supervisory Committee

Name Position
John Kuhry          Committee Chair
Kathleen de Chadenedes Committee Member
Christine Haggarty Committee Member
Zhao (Cho) Qiu   Committee Member
David Williams Committee Member