Keep Sue's Music Alive ...

Sue Hufford demonstrates the violin to her students –– December 2013.

To everyone at Community First, Sue Hufford was our friend. She was also the wife of our Chief Retail Officer, Jay Hufford.

She was a mother ­­of three. And a gifted music teacher who was a community gift –– to her students, and to all of us.

A distracted driver rear-ended the car Sue was riding in –– on her way to her 53rd birthday dinner. Sue was killed. So was Sue’s mother-in-law, who was seated beside her.

That was in 2014. We still grieve.

How to extract some, any, good out of this needless tragedy?

Help the music continue. Keep Sue's music alive.

Sue isn’t gone as long as children revel in music. As long as they are curious to pick up an instrument and discover the wonder and beauty of song.

Sue taught about 200 students in kindergarten through eighth grade each year at four campuses in the Mark West Union School District. She also filled in one day a week at Healdsburg’s Alexander Valley Elementary School.

She provided instruction in violin, cello, guitar, flute, recorder, band and choral music, rotating between campuses and working with students in different combinations and age groups at different times.

Help keep the music alive. In the memory of a tireless champion of instilling the love of music in children. And for all of us who want art to be a component in our slice of the world.

To do so please make a donation of any amount to the Mark West Education Foundation.