Youth Accounts

Special 7.07% YouthSaver Account

7.07%, like our area code. Or 1.01%, like our freeway. The difference is Local Advantage PLUS.

Talk about a golden carrot with which to jump-start your savings …You can earn a whopping 7.07% dividend on the first $500 in your savings account. That’s 707 times better than you would get at any of the too-big-to-fail, taxpayer-funded banks! 

All you have to do is have your adult co-signer get our innovative Local Advantage PLUS checking account. The one that lets your co-signer earn 5¢ on each debit swipe after 12 in a month, earn 5% on a portion of all purchases, and earn .05% (APY) on the entire balance –– all without a minimum balance! And ... you get automatic Go Local Rewards!

Without a linked Local Advantage PLUS account, the stand-alone YouthSaver still receives a generous 1.01% (APY) on the first $500. That's 10x better than our regular share deposit rate, and 101x better than what the big banks pay!

  • Available to North Bay students until the age of 18. 
  • Funds above $500 still earn, but at the regular savings rate (and our regular rate is 10x higher than the big banks!)
  • Seven-Oh-Seven: Easy to remember, just like the Sonoma and Napa County area code. Or, as a stand-alone, One-Oh-One, just like the freeway that bisects Sonoma County (Our local roots are deep: we started in 1961 as the Sonoma County Schools Credit Union.)

Note to adults: Against this backdrop of the recent worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, and the Fed keeping deposit rates at near zero so the economy can get its footing, what better time to teach your teen about saving money? And how better to show your teen-thing real money-earning gains, even on modest saving balances, than with the 7.07% or 1.01% YouthSaver Account? All from the local financial cooperative that cares enough about kids to start them off on the right foot!

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