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  • More FREE ATMs nationally –– 30,000+ –– than any big bailed-out bank!
  • ATMs located at other credit unions, plus Costco, Walgreen's and 7-Eleven stores
  • 7,200 shared locations to bank
  • Make deposits via your smartphone (snap and submit)
  • Bill Pay –– pay bills with electronic ease and 24/7 convenience
  • Transfer money between your accounts here and elsewhere
  • Bank from anywhere

Pretty cool, eh?

And, oh yeah, all the aforementioned is absolutely free!

More ATMs than any bank.

How can that be? We’re a financial cooperative and we cooperate with others –– it's a class we took in kindergarten called "Sharing 101."

Use your Community First ATM card at nearly any credit union across the land, or at any Costco, Walgreen's or 7-Eleven, or at many airports ... and it is surcharge free –– more than 30,000 free ATMs in all! The big banks tremble in the shadow of this local mouse that roars!

Biggest ATM networks:

  • Citibank, 10,428 ATMs
  • Wells Fargo, 12,198 ATMs
  • Chase, 15,500 ATMs
  • Bank of America, 16,038 ATMs (and falling)
  • Community First (as well as some other financial cooperatives), 30,000 ATMs

Mobile Check Deposit

Sign. Snap. Submit. Done! Yep, it's that easy to make a deposit! Let it be known, we love seeing our Members. But if you need to deposit a live check and don't feel like driving to a branch or to a deposit-taking ATM, then you will love this convenience. Save time. Save gasoline (or electricity if you have a plug-in car). Save effort.

Bill Pay

Pay your bills faster, schedule when you want payments to go, save money on postage, and save worries about your payments getting there.  It's seamless, simple and it's free.  Want to learn more how it works?  Click here for BillPay FAQs.

Mobile Phone Banking

We call it “mBranch,” as in mobile banking with your mobile phone. See all your account balances and pending payments in real time. Transfer money. Find the nearest free ATM (30,000+ nationally) or nearest shared branch (7,200 nationally).

Smart ATMs

Enter you PIN and then feed our Mensa-smart ATM random checks or cash. Electronic Einstein counts it, credits your chosen account and instantly provides you a receipt. No paper. No envelopes. In no time.

We Show You How

Technology is supposed to make things easier. And it does –– if you know how to use it. And if you does not, we will gladly show you. Come into any branch of Community First for personal hands-on help. We have dedicated iMacs and iPads to walk you through any and all of the user-friendly ways to add e-convenience to your life.

Largest nat'l network of FREE ATMs — 30,000 — and over 7,200 shared-branch locations!

Visit a Community First Credit Union location, get directions or find our hours of operation.