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Add convenience and flexibility to your life.

Online banking (which includes Bill Pay) and remote deposit capture (take a photo of a check with your smartphone) let YOU decide when, how and where you want to manage your money. Unlike a branch or Call Center, online banking is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whenever and wherever you're ready - we're always ready. And it’s easy. And it’s absolutely free!

What are the benefits of this tech switch?

The online experience will improve and will be more intuitive. Members will have the ability to more easily track transactions, budget their inflow/outflow of money, set up alerts, manage logos –– at home or on-the-go. Behind the scenes, the new core system will be faster and more secure!

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Why make the change now?

First, we've been using the same core computing system for 25 years. Sure, that system has been upgraded, patched and maximized in the ensuring years. But its basic architecture and code were written the year the internet connected with only one million computers. 

Second, we chose the July 4th weekend for a couple of reasons: a) the three-day weekend gives us an extra day to transfer data and test; and b) holiday weekends are traditionally "banking light." Also, remember that our national network of ATMs (largest in the biz) will continue to be available throughout the entire tech switch.

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What else does this tech change do for me?

Being a Member of this financial cooperative makes you an owner. You should be glad to know that not only is the new system better, faster, easier ... but it's less expensive to run. Lower operational costs allow us to direct that savings to other Members conveniences (such as additional ATMs, branches, products & services).

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What changes will I see?

At the branch, all the changes will be behind the scenes (allowing us to serve you even better).

However, your online and mobile experience will be easier, more intuitive, and will look the same. Currently, the mobile experience looks, feels and behaves dissimilar to the desktop experience. No more. Wherever you are, whatever device you are using, you will enjoy the same, smooth, efficient Community First experience.

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What changes will I have to make?

Not many. But there will be some.

For starters, the new system is person centric, not account-number centric. So, if you know your name, you'll know your account(s).

Therefore, for those Members who are part of a joint account, they will need to set up their own logon and password. Joint accounts will still exist, but Members will need their own individual sign on.

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