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Add convenience and flexibility to your life.

Online banking (which includes Bill Pay) and remote deposit capture (take a photo of a check with your smartphone) let YOU decide when, how and where you want to manage your money. Unlike a branch or Call Center, online banking is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whenever and wherever you're ready - we're always ready. And it’s easy. And it’s absolutely free!

Make a deposit anytime, from anywhere!

Mobile Check Deposit, the VERY convenient feature of Community First's mBranch ("m" as in mobile), lets you make a deposit to any of your accounts at anytime and from anywhere. You just logon to the CFCU mobile bank, take a photo of the check's front and, after signing, the check's back. Done.

Sign, snap, submit. Stick a fork in it, because you're done!

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mBranch is your mobile branch!

Access all your accounts, transfer money, check balances, make deposits –– all via your smartphone.  And it's FREE!

Community First was the first North Bay-based financial institution with mobile banking (we were also the very first to introduce envelope-less, deposit-taking ATMs).  

mBranch is fast, easy and free.  This is the ultimate in convenience.  Bank with us wherever and whenever you like, check up-to-the-minute account balances.  Download our free app from your phone's (iPhone, Droid) application store.  

mBranch "How To"

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Online Transfers

The most convenient way to manage your money!

Need to transfer money from one CFCU account to another? Or to another Member in your family? Click. Done.

Need to transfer money from an account you have at, say, a taxpayer-bailed-out bank, to an account at CFCU? Click. Done again.

Or from CFCU to some other financial institution? Click. Done yet again.

It's that easy. It's that fast. And it's free.

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Bill Pay

As part of online banking, you can pay your bills with electronic ease. Schedule when you want each bill paid, track the payment and avoid checks, envelopes and costly (and slow) postage.  Convenient, costless, cool, and it's completely FREE!  Click here to learn what Bill Pay can do for you.

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Sign up for online banking

Easy to Sign Up. Even Easier to Use!

It you have a current e-mail on record with us, then you are all set to logon to eBranch, our 24/7 online home banking site.  If you don't have an e-mail on record with CFCU, then dial our in-house, always-at-the-ready Call Center experts. They can walk you through the painless process posthaste. Call 707/546-6000, ext. 0 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).

Manage your finances safely, securely and oh-so-darn conveniently.

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eStatements. Going electronic saves you time and money. Trees thank you, too.

Not only do you get your account information quicker, it's more handy and secure. We archive all your statements on our server, and back-up server, for two years. And your statements are always available to you!

But you're also doing a good thing for yourself, your credit union (that's you, too –– as every Member is an owner of this financial cooperative), and the local environs. You also avoid a $2 fee for mailed statements (waived if 62 years of age or older).

eStatements, in their own small way, help us to preserve the special environmental qualities of this place we call home.

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Archive checks

Archive and revive the info you need.

One of the great features of online banking at Community First is the checks you write are archived on our secure servers for up to two years. Need to look up a specific check the night before your tax returns are due? It's there, at-the-ready for you to look at, or even print a copy.

No more shoe boxes of cancelled checks with which to play "scavenger hunt." All your checks are there, in order, all accounted for, safe and secure, whenever you need them.

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Additional Online Purchase Protection

Community First, through MasterCard®, can offer you additional fraud protection when you shop online using your CFCU Debit Card.  Click here to sign up.

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