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Having Trouble Making Payments?

We May be Able to Help.

Have your finances hit a speed bump? You are not alone. Some of the nation's biggest banks and Fortune 500 companies found themselves in a world of financial hurt during the Great Recession and its aftermath. Community First (whose mantra is to serve the community, first) is here to help.

By working together we may be able to:

  • Consolidate debt into a lower rate
  • Investigate different payment plan options
  • Restructure your loan (which could modify your interest rate or payment)

But it all starts with opening the lines of communication, and putting our heads together to find the best solution for your unique situation.

Contact our in-house real estate loan experts

We just might be able to offer some solutions. 

Call our VP of Lending at 800/890-3540.  Press 2, then press 1. (business hours, Monday through Friday)

Mortgage Restructuring Alert

Please know that you should avoid firms that charge you a fee for helping you get a loan modification. This is a scam; help is free. Community First has established a loan-modification process and will gladly work with all qualifying Members.

Additional Resources

Other resources that can help you get a handle on debt/payment management to prevent mortgage foreclosure:

Largest nat'l network of FREE ATMs — 30,000 — and over 7,200 shared-branch locations!

Visit a Community First Credit Union location, get directions or find our hours of operation.