All Members will be required to re-register to either home or mobile banking –– any changes to one will show up on the other.


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Tech Enhancement, Summer 2016

The switch to a completely new (and improved!) technology platform has happened! During this three-day switch over the recent Indy Weekend, we transferred all accounts, files, histories, BillPay, payments ...

The cooperative's new online and mobile banking are now ready to use by you!

What You Need to Know ...

  • Re-Registration –– a MUST

    Members of the Community First financial cooperative must re-register to online banking –– either via smartphone (mBranch) or desktop/laptop (eBranch). Once registered on one channel, you are registered on BOTH (that's one of the beauties of this new system –– it's fully integrated). 

  • Tips on Re-Registering

    It's not hard. But (through countless tests) we believe this one-time act is easier when done on your desktop/laptop.

    For your convenience, the re-registration link is right here.

    If re-registering via your smartphone, it is important to use the "Not Registered" button below the "Start Sign-In" button.

  • Where to Find the Community First Mobile App?

    Easiest way is (from your smartphone) to go to the general Community First website: At the bottom of your screen you will see links to our app on the Apple or Android app store. 

  • Is an older version of your Community First login showing up, even though you have re-registered?

    Clear you cache. Computers don't like being confused, and your browser might be using your old history that is "cached" in its browser memory. Once cleared, you will begin to develop a new history (path) for your browser to automatically follow.

  • What are the benefits of this tech switch?

    The online experience is improved and more intuitive. Members now have the ability to more easily track transactions, budget their inflow/outflow of money, set up alerts, manage logons –– at home or on-the-go. Behind the scenes, the new core system is faster and more secure!

  • What else does this tech change do for me?

    Being a Member of this financial cooperative makes you an owner. You should be glad to know that not only is the new system better, faster, easier ... but it's less expensive to run. Lower operational costs allow us to direct that savings to other Members conveniences (such as additional ATMs, branches, products & services).

  • What changes will I see?

    At the branch, all the changes will be behind the scenes (allowing us to serve you even better).

    However, your online and mobile experience will be easier, more intuitive, and will look the same. With the old system, the mobile experience looked, felt and behaved dissimilar to the desktop experience. No more. Wherever you are, whatever device you are using, you now enjoy the same, smooth, efficient Community First experience.

  • What changes do I have to make?

    Because the new system is person centric, not account-number centric, you will have to do a one-time re-registration. 

    Because of this fundamental switch, every Member (even if you are part of a joint account) will need to re-register to home OR mobile banking. User name and password. You can re-register any time after 9 a.m., Tuesday, July 5.

  • Why did the cooperative make the change now?

    First, we've been using the same core computing system for 25 years. Sure, that system has been upgraded, patched and maximized in the ensuring years. But its basic architecture and code were written the year the internet connected with only one million computers. 

    Second, we chose the July 4th weekend for a couple of reasons: a) the three-day weekend gave us an extra day to transfer data and test; and b) holiday weekends are traditionally "banking light." Despite this pause in online banking we were able to keep our national network of ATMs (largest in the biz) available throughout the entire tech switch.

Largest nat'l network of FREE ATMs — 30,000 — and over 7,200 shared-branch locations!

What Was Transferred From Old System to New?

  • Aside from all your accounts, balances, transfers, payments, history, etc ...
  • Bill Pay + existing payees and scheduled payments (Members should verify)
  • eMoneyMover + existing external accounts

What Wasn't Transferred?

  • Self-Alerts

One-Time Oddball item with this System Change?

  • Monthly statement for June will go from June 1 through July 2
  • July statement will be from July 3 to July 31
  • Thereafter, we follow the Gregorian calendar

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