The easiest way to save money in the history of the world.

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SaversEdge® - Community First Credit Union
savers edge - community first credit union

SaversEdge® Instant Debit/ATM card

Better than FREE. We pay YOU!

  • With SaversEdge®, every purchase you make –– locally or not –– gets rounded up to the next dollar ... the difference is transferred daily to your savings account.
  • Community First then gives you a 5% bonus on your rounded-up monies!

SaversEdge Debit Card - SonomaNew Card Design

Our SaversEdge® debit/atm/spending card now has 12 locally gorgeous scenes from which to choose. Better still, you get your card INSTANTLY –– from any office. No more waiting days (or weeks) for separate envelopes containing card and PIN. No mail, no waiting means our debit/atm/spending card gets in your hands safely. Choice and convenience. 


How does it work?

Each time you use your SaversEdge® debit card from Community First, your purchase automatically get rounded up to the next dollar. For example: Use your card to make a purchase at Oliver's Market –– or anywhere –– for $3.41. The transaction is rounded up to an even $4 (which makes it soooo easy to balance your checkbook). The rounded up portion (59¢) is added to your saving account. Voilá –– the easiest way to save money in the history of the world!

Nice –– and super easy –– but what is Community First doing to give me an incentive to save?

Saving money is a good habit to develop –– and keep. But to sweeten the deal, Community First bumps all your rounded-up monies by 5% there(ever)after. We overlay 5% on top of each rounded-up purchase. Where else can you get an automatic, guaranteed (and insured) 5% return on your money in today's low-rate environment?

Is there any cost to use SaversEdge®?


What’s the best thing about SaversEdge?

You save money automatically –– without even having to think about it. SaversEdge® fulfills what every financial planner advocates: “Pay yourself first!”

When does the rounded up money get transferred from my checking and into my savings account?

At the end of every business day.

When will I get the match-money that Community First provides to my savings account?

At the close of every month!

How do I sign up for SaversEdge®?

The only way to get the SaversEdge® feature is to get our Local Advantage PLUS checking account. Not only do you get the savings of SaversEdge®, but you also earn .05% (APY) on your entire balance! We're not done: you also earn 5¢ every time you use your Community First debit/spending card after 12 swipes in a calendar month! Three ways to earn. And save!

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