Vehicle Loans

Save Time, Save Money. Your Loan Stays LOCAL! As low as 2.65% (APR) for used or refi!

Easy Steps to Financing the Vehicle of YOUR choice:

  • Go to any dealership (new or used) in Sonoma, Napa, Marin or Mendocino counties
  • Once you and dealer have agreed to final/best price, tell the dealer you are a Member of Community First and you want to finance through your credit union
  • Or become a Member, on the spot, at the dealership
  • Done. It’s that simple!
  • Or stop by your favorite branch of Community First!
  • See Our LOW rates (same for new and used)

If you prefer to start with Community First and NOT at the dealer, you can begin the loan application here: Loan Application

Or if you prefer to get your loan conveniently at the dealer ... Community First has cooperative agreements with every vehicle dealer (new or used) in Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino counties. This allows you to get the preferred Community First loan rate – right at the dealer. No more going back & forth, back & forth … This unique lending program is called CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending). It will also get you behind the wheel of your new wheels before you can learn how to work the temperature controls.

Is there any cost to CUDL?

None. Nada. You’ll receive the same everyday great rates through CUDL as if you applied directly at your favorite branch of Community First. It’s seamless.

Should you get pre-approved at CFCU before using CUDL at the dealership?

Nope. Shop for the vehicle you want. Kick a tire. Or four. Once you and the dealer have agreed to the best price for you, tell the dealer you are a Community First Member and that you want to finance your vehicle through your financial cooperative. It’s that simple.

Is CUDL commonly used?

You bet. Community First – through its CUDL program – is the 7th largest provider of vehicle loans in Sonoma County. We’re ahead of such banking giants as BofA, Citi, Chase. We’re even larger than “captive” lenders such as Nissan and Volkswagen. CFCU gives you clout!

The Community First Advantage?

Our experienced lending experts are salaried, not commissioned. Their only concern is to do what’s right for YOU! That’s the not-for-profit financial cooperative difference.

Ready to compare vehicles on our unbiased auto research site?

Auto Smart is the smart way to research vehicles. You will find out exactly what invoice, MSRP, and options actually cost. Knowledge is POWER!  You can compare up to three different vehicles, see local inventories by make, model, year, price, etc. Let's get started with comparing vehicles!

If you prefer to start with Community First and NOT at the dealer, you can begin the loan application here: Loan Application.

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