Recreational Vehicle

RV Loans to $250,000

If it floats or rolls, we can finance!

RV = Recreational Vehicle?  Or maybe it's Relaxing Vacation? We think those two go hand in hand, and we're here to help you with a purchase of any of the following vehicles that will help you achieve your vacation dreams:

  • RVs (includes Trailers and 5th Wheels)
  • Motorcycles & Scooters
  • Boats & Watercraft

Finance your loan LOCALLY, then hit the road (or the lake) and start relaxing!  You can apply online, contact one of our expert loan officers or visit us at any branch.

Please note that we can only finance vehicles that are titled in California; no out-of-state purchases.

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Motorcycles, Boats, RVs and Trailer Rates

Current Rate Sample


Credit Score
















60 months  4.94%  5.94% 7.10% 10.00% 11.74%
72 months 4.94%  5.94% 7.10% 10.00% 11.74% 
84 months  5.20%  6.20% 7.20% 10.20% 11.94% 
120 months  5.70% 6.90% 8.20% 11.19% N/A
180 months 5.90% 7.45% 8.70% 11.49% N/A
240 months  7.70% 8.20% 9.40% N/A N/A


Used Vehicles add 0.50% to rate.  

Loan-to-Value varies by tier.

* All loan rates expressed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Actual APR is determined by individual credit rating and ability to pay.

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