Preferred Agent List

Real estate is local, local, local.  But it's not simple, simple, simple.

That's why Community First has only long-time local residents with long-time mortgage experience doing your not-so-simple home loan.

In the many real estate transactions we've helped Members make throughout Sonoma County, we have come across some stellar real estate agents.  Those who are smart, passionate, ethical, knowledgeable and who go beyond the call of duty for our Members. 

Below are the local agents that we can recommend to our Members:

North County

Bob Besancon, Coldwell Banker;  Kathy Stauffer, Sotheby's International;  Michele Delfino, Frank Howard Allen;  Dawna Kissman, Frank Howard Allen;  Catherine Bickel, Stornetta Realty;  Debby Hendershot, Wine Country Group; Nancy Wheeler, CPS Windsor.

West County

Paul Parker, Herth;  Laurie Parris, Wine Country Group;  Richard von Sternberg, Coldwell Banker;  Lisa Nunes, Century 21 Alliance;  Randy Mack, Artisan Sotheby's;  Steve Hecht, Artisan Sotheby's;  Timothy Hedges, Wine Country Group;  Dave Fahrner, Terra Frima Global Partners.

Russian River Area

Sue Mobley, Russian River Realty;  Michael Tabib, Russian River Realty;  K. Keller, Russian River Realty;  Charlie Brown, Russian River Realty;  Scott Johnson, Russian River Realty;  Wayne Stelter, Russian River Realty; Richard Lester, Herth; John Genovese, Herth;  Robert Garber, Herth;  Paul Parker, Herth;  Kyla Brooke, Herth;  Herman Hernandez, Frank Howard Allen;  Kim Menary, Frank Howard Allen;  Connie Schlabach, Frank Howard Allen;  Candace Johnson, Frank Howard Allen; Brendan Coen, Frank Howard Allen;  Brandan Martin, Frank Howard Allen;  Susan Packer, Frank Howard Allen;  Mary Mount, Prudential;  Ken Brennan, Prudential;  Greta Winsby, Prudential;  Nancy Spilman, Prudential;  Ellen Strady, Sotheby's;  Doug Bohling, Sotheby's.

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