Member Assistance During Shelter-In-Place

Community First is Here For Good. So, let’s get started with doing additional (and needed) good!

In almost all cases, if you alert us with any reasonable need, we will suspend loan payments for three months. Even on multiple loans. 

This suspension of loan payments will have no effect on your credit score. It will just extend your loan by three months, due to the three-month, no-payment pause. But, while it stops the payment, it doesn't stop the interest. Deferred interest will be added to the later payable amount.

Three months with no loan payments will be a great start to getting us to get back on our feet.

Kindly look at the subject-headers below to find your type of loan(s):

  • Stimulus Checks

  • First Mortgages

  • Credit Cards

  • Emergency Fund Loans

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit, Second Mortgages, Lot Loans, Manufactured Homes

  • Personal Loans, Automobiles, Unsecured Lines of Credit

  • Suspended Fees