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We Do What's Right for Borrowers

As a not-for-profit we don't have to impress Wall Street with ever-higher returns. Instead, we only have to cover our costs, which gives you a great rate, no hidden surcharges or fees, and comprehensive consultation from our in-house mortgage pros.

We Do What’s Right Ethically

Robo-signing, illegally foreclosing on veterans, lying to investors so they would buy toxic mortgages, documents that suddenly get “lost”? Doesn’t happen here. You’re dealing with grown-ups who act conscientiously. We keep a lot of these loans in our portfolio and want to make sure they don’t blow up on you, or us.

Local Expertise Saves You Time & Money

Our universe is Sonoma County. We live here, play here, do business here. We personally know Realtors®, appraisers, insurers, inspectors, title & escrow companies, and how best to work with them. Unlike banks who process loans centrally from some other state, we process right here, which allows us to fund any mortgage expeditiously, cost-effectively and glitch-free.

Third, No Surprises

Our years of hands-on experience, coupled with the full tool-kit of mortgage solutions mean we get it right for you. With Community First there are no surprises, or additional monies you need to throw at a problem.


No matter how numerous the loan solutions, or how accommodating the approval parameters, or how great the pricing (and Community First is a leader in all)... nothing is more important than the skill and service of the loan officers.

Our in-house Loan Officers are seasoned pros. They know the right questions to ask and how to match your needs –– for today and tomorrow –– with the best loan solution at the lowest overall cost to you. They also makes the loan process pretty darn painless.

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