Home Equity Loans

Home is More Than Shelter - You Can Make it the Cornerstone of Your Finances.

Your home is your sanctuary, your special place.

That special place can also unleash a portion of its value for you to get the most out of life.

Maybe it's expanding/improving your home, paying for college, starting a business, the trip of a lifetime, paying off credit cards ... Whatever you desire.

The North Bay is among the most desirable places on Earth to live. Demand for housing (except during the occasional Great Recession) will remain high. Supply of housing –– with strict zoning and voter-approved greenbelts –– will remain low. This means, over time, your house will likely appreciate. A home equity loan lets you tap into that appreciation.

Home Equity Loan

This is a one-time, lump-sum loan that provides all the money up front. You make monthly payments (just like a first mortgage) on an amount that amortizes the loan to pay it back in full.

Home Equity Line of Credit

This is a revolving credit loan. You can choose when and how often to borrow against the equity in your property –– up to an established dollar limit. You make payments only on the amount you have drawn down from the equity line.

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