HELOC Special – sign up by July 31

Enjoy 2.99% Rate –– until Sept. 1, 2015!

This is a HELOC rate to get excited about! 2.99%. That's the show-stopping, year-long rate of our special home equity line of credit. You can enjoy this epic savings until September of next year. Yep, September 2015!

Home values are up by double digits over the past year in Sonoma and Napa counties. For many of us this means more equity in our homes. Real old-fashioned value.

Need to tap into some of that value for a long-delayed home improvement? Or for college expenses (smart!), a wedding (congrats!), installation of solar (bright idea!), consolidation of other debts (wise), or the vacation of a lifetime? Your timing couldn't be more perfect.

  • On Sept. 1, 2015, rate floats to quarterly Prime Rate (which has been stuck at a mere 3.25% since Dec. 2008!) as stated by the Wall Street Journal, plus margin of 0.50%. Minimum "floor" of this adjustable line of credit is 5%.
  • APR (4.862%) is calculated at $50,000 line of credit, and at maximum 15-life of loan. Lower APR, of course, if HELOC is paid off sooner.
  • $500 processing fee for HELOCs to $250,000 (if home value's can be based on automated appraisal, which is common). Maximum line of credit for this promotion is $500,000. 
  • NEW HELOCs only.
  • Must be primary residence.
  • Application must be completed and submitted before end of business day, July 31, 2014.

For more information, and to talk about your particular needs, contact any of our five in-house HELOC experts ...

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2.99%! For a year! Now THAT's exciting!

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