The Local Difference

When you bank with Community First you ––
and the local economy –– come out ahead.

Locally earned dollars deposited at Community First are reinvested in the local economy. This helps to retain and create jobs where YOU live.

At a national bank, that same locally earned North Bay dollar might be used to build a townhouse in Texas or an oil derrick in Dubai. Indeed, your dollar helps the economy –– there. But not where YOU live.

Come to Community First for selfish reasons, to keep more green in your wallet. That's cool. After all we have better deposit and loan rates than the too-big-to-fail banks, and our fees (when we have them) are usually less than half of theirs. We also offer more convenience –– more free ATMs than any bank!  Plus, 6,800 shared locations to bank, online and smartphone banking, free bill pay ... and more.

Or come to us to keep the North Bay economy vibrant as Community First reinvests its deposits exclusively in the local economy.

It matters where you park your money.

A bank is owned by shareholders, people who own its stock. More often than not stockholders are not customers of that bank. But they want their stock to increase in value –– that is the very reason they bought it! The primary role of any bank CEO is to increase profits, by whatever means, so the stock price continues to rise.

The role of the CEO of Community First, a financial cooperative, is to create wealth for its Members and the community where they live.

Managers at any national bank want to get the best return for every deposited dollar, wherever they can get it. Business Week reported that Chase Bank, for example, used the subsidies it received from U.S. taxpayers during the big bank bailout and bought $60 billion in mortgage securities in Britain and the Netherlands. Why? Because it could get a better return there than stateside. National banks extract wealth out of the North Bay and often out of the country!

At Community First, your dollars stay in the local economy. Helping your friends, neighbors, local government services, building a tax base –– in your back yard.

At Community First, we even buy our paper, office supplies and furniture locally. We use only local accountants, sign-makers and printers.

The local economy actually gains wealth when you bank at Community First.  You gain wealth, too!

Largest nat'l network of FREE ATMs — 30,000 — and over 7,200 shared-branch locations!

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