Certificates of Deposit

Certificate Accounts. Perhaps the safest, decent-yielding investment on the planet!

Gyrations of the stock market (and housing market for that matter) causing you some indigestion? A certificate account is just what the money-doctor would recommend.

Certificates give you a higher return than a savings account because your money is squirreled away for a term that YOU determine –– three to 36 months. (Hey, you can always get the money –– it's your money! –– but a portion of the dividend could be lost, along with some penalties.) But because you have determined the money is more than likely to stay a while, we give you a guaranteed better return on your money. You win, and the credit union (of which you are part-owner) wins.

  • $1,000 minimum
  • Terms from three to 36 months
  • APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) that are among the highest in the business

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