360 MoneyHub

View all your accounts –– deposits, credit and debit cards, auto and home loans, retirement –– at Community First and other financial institutions with whom you have accounts!  

  • We named our state-of-the-art personal finance manager correctly: you get a 360-degree view of all your finances in one single convenient location!

  • 360 MoneyHub is FREE of course. Don't you love being part of a financial cooperative? It's a very cool value-added feature to our 24/7 online eBank.

360 MoneyHub

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It's not uncommon for people to have a checking account at one financial institution, a vehicle loan with a second, an IRA or other retirement account with yet another, and a credit or debit card here or there ... Hey, wouldn't it be great if you could track all of your personal finances from all of these different accounts with one easy-to-use tool? Why, yes it would!

That's the idea behind 360 MoneyHub –– a new personal finance management tool from Community First. By using 360 MoneyHub, you can track all of your accounts and expenditures in one place –– including the ones you have with us AND those you have with other financial institutions.

The Basics

How Does it Work?

360 MoneyHub can help you track your household income, expenses and financial goals ... whether saving for a new vehicle, a fantastico vacation, or working to pay down debts.

How Does it Help ME?

  • Save Time. See all of your accounts in one place (even those at other financial institutions –– including "they who shall not be named" Wall Street banks). 
  • Avoid Fees. Granted, our fees are low, but elsewhere ... not so much. A cash-flow calendar helps you see your available funds so you can be prepared (and alerted) to pay bills on time. 
  • Gain Control. Track spending, and set budgets and goals for home improvements, college, autos, vacations ... 
  • Save Money. Create goals and build a real saving plan.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Sign up on our home banking site. The link is on the left side of the screen-page after you have signed in to home banking. Read and agree to the disclosure. That's it!  All of the accounts associated with your CFCU Membership will automatically load onto 360 MoneyHub. Accounts, and credit/debit cards from other financial institutions, will need to be added by you. The steps are easy. And once you've loaded outside accounts, they get fully integrated into 360 MoneyHub. Sweet!
  • Using 360 MoneyHub to your best advantage.  We think you'll find our all-seeing money manager intuitive and easy to use. That said, we have assembled a QuickStart guide, FAQs and other tips/tools to help you get the full 360-degree view. All the while managing/planning all your finances!

We are here for you!

Before getting online, want to talk face-to-face with a helpful Community First Responder? That's what we're here for! Stop by your favorite Community First office (or contact our in-house Call Center during biz hours, 707/546-6000), and we will be happy to SHOW you how you can get the full financial picture of you!

Helpful links ...

QuickStart Guide – 360 MoneyHub

FAQs – 360 MoneyHub


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