Do Gooder Club

Save more, learn more, do more...

Do Good for Yourself!

This club delivers

  • Elimination of most fees
  • $250 off 1st mortgage processing
  • 0.10% higher rate on share CD
  • Do Gooder provides you with direct access to your credit score. You also get tools to improve your score, monitor your credit, and make the most informed financial decisions for you.

ONLY $8/month

OR, only $4/month with LOCAL Advantage PLUS checking

OR, FREE if liquid deposits total $50,000

OR, FREE if loan balances total $25,000



Regular CFC Member


IRA annual maintenance $5 free
IRA transfer $25 free
temporary checks $3 free
stop payment, draft $20 free
stop payment, ACH $20 free
money order $3 free
cashier's check (to 3rd party) $5 free
replace/refund cashier's check $25 free
copies, checks $2 free
copies, cashier's check $3 free
copies, statement $2 free
copies, money order $10 free
copies, tax forms $2 free
copies, history print-outs $2 free
undeliverable mail/locator $10 free
verification of deposit $20 free
overnight mail (CFCU related) $6 free
ATM/debit replacement card $10 free
notary, non-CFCU related $10 free
domestic wire transfer, incoming $10 free
domestic wire transfer, outgoing $25 free
rolled coin, per roll 10¢ free