About Us

Who Are We?

Community First is Here For Good.

Any resident of North Bay counties (Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Mendocino), and their immediate family members, can be a Member of Community First. 

As a financial cooperative, we are here to do good things for the residents and economy of the North Bay. We've been providing Good since 1961. 

Every day we deliver on our mission statement by “providing the best value in banking services with direct benefits to the LOCAL economy.”

Like you, we live here, raise our families here, educate ourselves and our children here, and recreate here. All of us at Community First think and act as stewards of the North Bay counties –– economically and environmentally.

The California Department of Financial Institutions has bestowed Community First with a “Community” Charter. That means we can only take deposits from local residents, and can only make loans to local residents. Whereas a big bank might take paychecks earned here in the North Bay and loan that money elsewhere. Maybe to L.A., Houston or Dubai. That helps the economy. There. But not here. Not in your back yard. Where it matters to you.

You “vote” with every dollar you spend. Also with every dollar you invest. When you bank at Community First, you are voting to invest where you live. That local investment helps people buy local homes and cars, and helps local businesses strive, thrive and add jobs. All that recirculation of local money helps pay local taxes, which fund local schools, police, roads, vital services, firefighters ... where YOU live! That's the local difference of Community First.

All the while, you enjoy better rates, higher ethics and don't have to give up any conveniences. As they might say in New Jersey, a distinctly non-local place, "Yo, what's not to like?

Largest nat'l network of FREE ATMs — 30,000 — and over 7,200 shared-branch locations!

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