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"Within a day, Community First's real estate team said, 'You're approved; how much do you need?' It was that easy. Two days later we signed the documents."
—Victor & Lea Sousa, Member since 1984

"I became a Member when I was at Piner High School. My mom, who was then employed by Santa Rosa Junior College, was a Member and really liked the service. I started to work part-time and wanted to save some money. In the years since, I've continued to be a Member. Along with my original savings account, my husband and I have financed a few cars through Community First. The customer service has always been great and very personable. It's why I'm still here."
—Julie Poirer, Member since 1978

"At the urging of my husband - a very satisfied Member for many years - I switched some accounts to Community First. Online banking service was a critical factor in determining my choice. But I encountered a problem. I could access the site and my account, but couldn't get some features to work. It's sad, but in many cases, customer service seems to have evolved into corporations training their people to give 80 reasons why they can't help you. It was refreshing to see just the opposite at Community First. They went the extra mile, resolved my issue, and the CEO personally followed up."
—Linda Weiss Dickenson, Member since 2002

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