Meet Maggie, Your Virtual Assistant

Maggie is Community First’s Virtual Assistant. She is available 24 hours a day to answer a wide range of banking questions. Maggie can also help complete a variety of banking transactions on your behalf, including paying bills or transferring funds.

Although Community First may be small when compared to the big banks and billion-dollar credit unions, we have proved ourselves as a pioneer in introducing the newest digital conveniences to our Members. Community First is very likely the first community bank or credit union in the nation to have its own virtual assistant operated via artificial intelligence.

Maggie can be found at the top navigation of any page on the Community First website. Just click on her image and a chat box will pop up. Then, you can ask her any banking-related question you may have including “why was my debit card transaction at 2 a.m. denied?” Maggie will tell you why, and likely give you the remedy. No need to wait until the next morning to find out. 

Maggie is named after the first paid employee and first president of Community First, Maggie Wattles. The “new” Maggie is a 34-year old teacher who grew up in Sonoma and Mendocino counties, and after receiving her Master’s degree in Education (our roots), decided to settle along the Russian River. A lover of the late ‘60s classic rock and ‘70s Eagles, Doobie Brothers, and Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae,” we think Maggie is the perfect face for our credit union. 

Below you’ll find a comparison of all the things Maggie can help you with: