COVID-19 Plan

Latest News in Serving Our Membership

Due to the state-mandated shelter-in-place edict, Community First, to lessen the potential spread of COVID-19, has winnowed our branch hours –– now 10a to 3p, Monday through Friday

To ensure that we remain open at 9 of our 11 LOCAL branches, our west Santa Rosa (Fulton & Guerneville roads) and Clearlake branches are closed. We have a lot of young moms and dads who have unforeseen child-care and home-schooling issues. Closing these two branches will allow us to fully staff nearby College Avenue (2.6 miles to the east) and Sebastopol (5.6 miles to the west) in Sonoma County, and Lakeport in Lake County. Additionally, and at least until April 18, we have suspended Saturday hours at our College Avenue branch.

Community First is an "essential business" and will remain open to serve your financial needs. But remember that our online and mobile app make deposits, transfers, and payments super-easy. We also give you access to three times more free ATMs nationally than any bank.



March 22, 2020

Clearlake Branch to Close

For the time being, we have merged the personnel of our Clearlake branch with our Lakeport branch. This is to ensure coverage and to serve our Members in Lake County without interruption. Therefore, Clearlake is closed; Lakeport will remain open. Kindly remember the ATM in Clearlake can serve your deposit and withdrawal needs. Mobile banking makes it easy to deposit checks. Online banking makes it easy to do nearly everything else.

The safety of our Members and Employees overrules everything else. Thank you for understanding, and for your patience as we stand up to COVID-19.


March 20, 2020

New Branch Hours beginning Monday, Mar. 23

For the duration of the state-mandated shelter-in-place orders, branches of Community First will be available to Members from 10a to 3p, Monday through Friday. Additionally, at some branches we may limit the number of Members into a branch at a given time. 

We're in it for the long haul, and we know you are, too. We will help each other get through this!


March 19, 2020

West Santa Rosa branch to remain closed

We are open, but our branch at Fulton and Guerneville roads will remain closed for the time being. As you can well understand, we have a lot of young mommies and daddies who have child care issues. With two nearby branches –– College Avenue, 2.6 miles to the east, and Sebastopol, 5.6 miles to the west –– closing the Fulton branch allows us to serve our Members fully at those other locations. 

Hunker down. Know that we are here for you. And remember our convenient online, mobile and ATM options that allow you to do banking anytime and from anywhere.


March 18, 2020

Shelter-in-Place Still Means CFCU Here for Good (and to serve you)

It's official. Our entire five-county charter area is now under shelter-in-place by the order or recommendation of county health officials.

What does this mean? Members should stay home unless they work for, or are traveling to, "essential businesses," such as grocery stores, pharmacies, pet stores (for food), medical offices, or financial institutions (like CFCU). If people do venture out they are instructed to maintain an appropriate "social distance" (about six feet between themselves and others).

What hasn't changed? Community First is still open to serve your financial needs. That said, if you feel the slightest bit off, please don't come in. And remember, our national network of free ATMs (3x more than any bank) and online app make deposits so easy.

We are regularly wiping down surfaces at the branches. Let's keep each other safe. That's what good neighbors do.


March 17, 2020

A Financial Co-op is an Essential Service.

Shelter-in-place has been ordered in six of the nine Bay Area counties (not Sonoma or Napa, yet). It has also been recommended in Mendocino County. As an essential service, CFCU –– like grocery stores, pharmacies, police, fire, medical offices –– will remain open.

But to ensure our abilities to serve you, we are making some minor adjustments:

  1. We will suspend Saturday hours at our College Avenue branch at least until April 11
  2. We have closed our west Santa Rosa branch (Fulton @ Guerneville roads) to staff up our nearby College Avenue (2.6 miles to the east) and Sebastopol branch (5.6 miles to the west).

We remain committed to sustainably serving our Members and LOCAL communities, and to keep our Members and employees safe!


March 13, 2020

COVID-19 and Community First. Update.

Wow. What a week this has been!

The COVID-19 virus has become a national emergency and was the catalyst for the second-largest drop of the U.S. stock market in its 124-year history.

And yet … not much has changed here at Community First.

All of our branches and offices are open and fully functioning. Every location has been, and continues to be, professionally cleaned after every workday. Additionally, we continue to regularly wipe down work stations and surface areas where Members and Community First employees come in contact.

We offer our employees a robust leave program so that they feel financially secure if they need to stay home for illness. We want to err on the side of caution in them coming to work. Likewise, we hope you do the same. Remember that, through your handy Community First mobile app and online banking, you can do just about any transaction –– payments, transfers, deposit checks, and more –– without coming into the branch.

Two advantages you get because you are a Member of this financial cooperative:

  1. More free ATMs nationally than any bank. 34,000 through other credit unions (because financial cooperatives cooperate), Walgreens, Costco and 7-Eleven.
  2. Financially safe because we do not have loans with affected industries: hotels, cruise lines, oil producers, airlines. Remember that each deposit account at Community First is federally insured to at least $250,000.

As I write this, there have been 2,269 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirius) in the U.S. So far, our five-county footprint has only seen three cases. Let's hope our luck continues. 

As Members, you have pooled your money into this financial co-op for the collective good: of Members, employees, and our LOCAL communities. Together, we will keep each other healthy and safe.

Thank you for your trust in Community First. We will continue to provide updates as necessary.


March 9, 2020

Community First has planned and prepared. Service to Members goes on unabated.

In the past few days the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, commonly referred to as coronavirius, has dominated the news.  It has dominated our thought process, too, as we work to ensure our Members and employees stay safe while they conduct banking transactions.

Our branches are cleaned professionally on a daily basis, but know that we have also dispensed hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to all branches and offices. Throughout the day our staff regularly wipes down surfaces where Members and employees come in contact, including branch ATMs and common computers. But, like you, we are having to hunt far and wide to  replenish our supplies of disinfectants.

Our employees have been told to err on the side of caution and to stay home if they feel the slightest bit sick, or if they are caring for a sick family member at home. We ask our Members do the same, and delay their visit to a branch until they are sure they are well.

Community First has activated a response team in Santa Rosa that is in daily two-way contact with every branch and location to keep each other informed of needs. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring best-practices from the industry, and following the directives of county and state health officials, as well as the Federal Reserve.

For those Members with our handy mobile banking app, this is the time to use it to its fullest capabilities and limit your need to mingle with others. If you don’t have our mobile app (or online banking) contact our Call Center (707/546-6000, 8:30a to 5:30p on Monday thru Thursday; 8:30a to 6p on Friday; 9a to 1p on Saturday) to get set up.

Additionally, and as a super pre-caution, you may even want to limit your handling of cash and to use your CFCU debit card and credit card. By the time cash gets to us, it has been touched by many people. While the risk of any disease transmission is minuscule with cash, this might be the time to lessen that slight chance.

One more note: scammers do not miss a beat.  We had a Member tell us that he received an email from “CFCU” telling him that due to the coronavirus, we were asking him to sign up for mobile banking. The e-mail asked for his social security number. That wasn’t us! Kindly remember: Community First would never ask you for sensitive and unique personal information via email.

Lastly, our promise to you: we would never endanger our Members or employees. We will continue to be diligent on cleanliness and monitor the latest information and health directives from officials.

Together, we will keep each other safe. That’s what a financial cooperative does, and what good neighbors do.

As always, thank you for being one of the 60,000 LOCAL Members of Community First.