Summer Savings Special

Finally! A bank for the REST of US! 

6-month certificate. 2.00% APY. Starting @ $1,000.

Usually, to get a big rate on a certificate of deposit, you need big money. Like $75,000 and up. And then you need to ice that money for a couple of years.

At Community First you can invest as little as a thousand dollars, for as little as six months, and still earn the envy of Wall Street’ers. You’ll get a whopping two percent (annual percentage yield).

And unlike the other guys, there are no strings attached. None of that “only if it’s new money,” or “must also sign up for an active checking account.” 

Simple deal with big pay off. $1,000. Six months. Two percent (APY). Offer ends July 31st. 

To get this great rate, at this low entry amount (only $1,000), and having to ice your money for only six months, you’ll need to become a Member of the not-for-profit financial co-op. But it’s easy! New Member fee is only $5! Then you’ll be part of a 60,000-Member LOCAL revolution of doing good –– for your community, and for yourself!
CD amount not to exceed $250,000 per Member. 

Windsor Balloon by Member Moises Hernandez

Real. Local. Experts.

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